Dear Valued MYM S.A Customer, Supplier, Visitor or Staff Member.

We live in unique times. The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic impacts on everyone’s way of life. Severe affectation goes from families, to businesses, from small growers, to large Supermarkets chains, from medical professionals who are bravely on the front lines of this crisis, to the young little child unable to practice soccer at the school field.  As the situation continues to be affecting our world, we are looking towards to update you.

We also want to share that at Monserrat y Maria MyM S.A we are focused on keeping and maintaining our supply chain with no interruptions, to keep our fresh melons and watermelons safe and available so they can reach your tables, warehouses and stores.

We are proud of the positive role we play in our community by directly benefiting 250 families that find in us their only way to provide better life conditions to their members. This pushes us up to continue doing our best to ensure our business continuity.

To Our Customers: You can be sure that we are doing everything to ensure that you will continue to have access to our products. The same premium quality fresh melons and watermelons we have been providing you with for the last two decades. To our Suppliers, Staff Members and Visitors: Rest assured that we are working very hard to implement the highest safety, hygiene and health protocols in our emplacements, while we increase controls and measures to guarantee your total safety.

To accomplish it, outlined below is a summary of the steps we have taken to assure support to our team members, and ensure business continuity:

  • Since the emergence of the COVID-19, we have activated a crisis management team so that we can continuously stay abreast of the latest developments and proactively monitor and adjust our business processes to ensure business continuity.
  • In our production facilities we have taken actions to reduce the number of team members in our farm while ensuring business continuity.
  • In addition to our good manufacturing policies, we have increased cleaning cycles in our facilities to protect against cross-contamination and worker-to-worker spread, including our monitored handwashing practices and sanitization requirements, that includes that any employee showing signs of illness is immediately segregated from the workforce and monitored before being allowed to return. Although our practices in place already help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we have reinforced those practices and made employees aware of the issues involved.

We will continue to stay resilient as the situation continues to evolve. And from all the MyM S.A team please stay healthy, keep yourselves and your families safe, that together we will emerge from this unprecedented situation.

Thank You.